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What is the best product for cleaning dogs teeth?

I%26#039;ve never brushed my older dogs teeth and my vet suggested getting them cleaned. They are 13 and I refused because I don%26#039;t want them to go under and their age. I want to make sure I keep my new guys teeth clean.

I have seen the dental cleaning cloths. Anyone use them or is it best to use the toothbrush?

What is the best product for cleaning dogs teeth?
Try bones.

Why fight with your dog to clean it%26#039;s teeth, give it something it wants and likes, let them do it naturally
Reply:Woofbrush? - ahahhahahahha
Reply:If you go to a pet store they usually sell special toothpaste for dogs that is meat flavor or peanut butter flavored. It comes with the toothbrush and it allows you to easily brush your dogs teeth with the benefits of keeping them clean. They also sell dog bones and also clean your dogs teeth. Good luck!
Reply:we%26#039;ve always used a toothbrush on our can buy doggy toothpaste at almost any department store and it has vitamins and calcium in it for you dogs teeth and its beefy too so he likes it!
Reply:Yes we use a doggie toothbrush for our dog. He is a very large dog, mastiff/lab mix, I didn%26#039;t think he would like it. We got him from the Humane Society. He didn%26#039;t have a problem with it. Our vet told us to use a small amount of peanut butter first then switch to a doggie toothpaste, which you can usually get a pet store or vet office. Our dog did find and he loves to get his teeth brushed.
Reply:Eliminate soft foods and treats, use crunchy only!

They do sell toothbrushes and toothpaste made specifically for dogs.
Reply:Raw meaty bones! They scrape the teeth amazingly clean. Buy soup bones from the supermarket and let the dog clean his own teeth!!
Reply:you can brush them yourself at home if they%26#039;ll let you. just get a soft bristled brush. you can dip it in beef or chicken broth as a %26quot;toothpaste%26quot;. make sure you are giving your dogs something tough to chew on, bones, kibble, that kinda thing. they will %26quot;scrape%26quot; the teeth clean. i think there is even a bone called dentabone or something like that. i personally would never have my dog put under just to have her teeth cleaned. thankfully she only eats kibble and LOVES her bones, so her teeth are sparkly white, even the back ones
Reply:I use chicken flavor toothpaste and sometimes beef flavor toothpaste and a dog toothbrush. Some stores have them in the pet food section.
Reply:Depends on the dogs bite. Some dogs will be fine using bones or chews if their bite is correct. If not, I would recommend brushing the teeth with a toothbrush or finger brush (it%26#039;s a little finger tip attachment that you can use) just make sure you use a dog safe toothpaste since human toothpaste isn%26#039;t safe for them. Another benefit for having a dog toothpaste is that they have lots of different flavors that dogs love.
Reply:go to a pet supply store and ask if they have the teeth cleaning bones for dogs. They come in several sizes and come with a paste or tooth paste you put on the bone and then they chew it and it removes plak. I%26#039;m not sure how often you give it to them, but I heard they work pretty good.
Reply:Buy the GREENIES treats. They love them and they sure do work
Reply:There is also soon to be a vaccine/preventative for gum diease in dogs available from your vet. Currently I use a chicken flavored toothpaste and special doggie toothbrush. And, they get sterilized bones, nylabones, gummabones and milk bones every day.
Reply:It all depends on your dogs. If they will let you, you can get a special teeth cleaning tool, same that the vet uses, and clean their teeth. I did this with my dog, but I had trained her from puppy-age to lie still and let me work on her.

Another good method is to give them raw beef bones, some dogs will get upset stomach from raw bones, though, especially if they%26#039;re not used to them. I don%26#039;t know how it works where you%26#039;re from, but I usually got the bones for free from my local butcher.

Rye bread is also good. Cut out good treat sized chunks and dry them in the oven until they%26#039;re rock hard.

The hollow bones you can buy at the pet store works as well, to make the dogs more interested in them, you can fill the cavity with treats.

Toothbrushing is good as a preventive measure and you can get special toothpaste made for dogs to use with it. Don%26#039;t use human toothpaste, it%26#039;s not good for them. Toothbrushing will rarely remove any exsisting build-up, though.

I%26#039;m not familiar with the dental cleaning cloths.
Reply:Hello RAW BONES like chicken necks for small, turkey necks for bigger dogs, rawhide chews, not denta, greenies or nyla bones - they%26#039;ve been know to plug the dogs %26amp; kill them cuz they are man made %26amp; not made from natural products, depends on the kind of dogs ...big dogs can chew bigger bones - like knuckle or leg natural chews not man made %26amp; suitable to your dogs size ..if their teeth are weak or sore then don%26#039;t use beef or pork bones, as they are too hard ...Take Care :)
Reply:Theres several chew toys out there that are specifically for cleaning your dogs teeth. They%26#039;re made of hard rubber and have lots of bumps %26amp; raises on them. Always gave those to my dogs and they never had problems with their teeth. Give them crunchy cookies and bones for treats, that helps too.
Reply:I have wipes for my dog...they look like stridex pads but are flavorite cinnimon and he loves them .

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