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Dog teeth cleaning question?

Hi! I%26#039;m getting my dog%26#039;s teeth cleaned next week, and I%26#039;m really nervous about it. They will put her under anesthesia to do the procedure. I did not worry like this when she was a puppy and got spayed. I think what%26#039;s worrying me is that we just got our old family dog put to sleep there a couple of months ago and now I think that they%26#039;re going to accidentally inject her with the putting to sleep drug. I know it sounds irrational.

So my question is, have any of you gotten your dog%26#039;s teeth cleaned, how did it go, is there any pain afterwards? Any input is appreciated.

I should have gotten this done 2 years ago (she%26#039;s 4) but I think I always hesitated because I was a little nervous about it. But now we%26#039;re going on a road trip, and she%26#039;s got some rank breath, and I don%26#039;t want her breathing her stinky breath in the car for 16 hours.

Anyway, any feed back is appreciated.

Dog teeth cleaning question?
My oldest (10) had her teeth cleaned right before Christmas. She also had some lumps taken off of her back in the process, and a growth taken off of her gums. I was worried about the gums being sore.

When I went to pick her up, she was whining a lot. I asked the vet about pain meds (she had an incision, so your dog shouldn%26#039;t have any pain or pain meds)- and she had been given an injection and should be fine the rest of the day. He told me that the whining was a euphoric reaction to the anesthesia, and that dogs can react that way. And, sure enough, after about an hour, she quit whining.

she was groggy for most of the day, as they will be, but was fine. Even with the growth taken off of her gums (and no stitches)- she was eating regular food that night for dinner.

Be sure they give you antibiotics when you pick her up. When they scrape all of that gunk off of the teeth, it can get in their digestive system and cause infections if no antibiotics are given.

Good luck!
Reply:I have my dogs teeth done yearly or as needed because of working reasons. The procedure is not that bad, the dog is put under and wakes up later on when the vet is done. I have never had any pain issues or problems after wards, ever.

I do not feed the dog that night, just to be sure and they get minimal water. Next day we are back to normal. Your dog will be fine!!
Reply:you can get doggie toothpaste and brishes, you can do it your self, without anesthetic...
Reply:My BCs get their teeth cleaned when needed. Never any problem.
Reply:I get my dogs done 2X a year. One dog is 14.

I only worry about the blood work tests, if something is found there, the teeth cleaning is on hold.
Reply:Just be sure not to feed or water the dog after about midnight on the evening before the cleaning. It can cause the dog to vomit.

Most vets use a gas inhaled anestesia for a teeth cleaning.

Most dogs have no pain issues after unless they have teeth pulled.

Having her teeth done is so much better for her health. If you let them go they can cause a body wide infection that can affect the animals heart and kidneys so teeth cleaning is very important.

Try no to worry to much your pet will be fine and your trip will be much more pleasant without the bad breath.
Reply:Brushing dogs teeth daily is easy, its not time consuming or difficult... the dog gets used to it fairly quickly. You buy a dog tooth brush and paste. To start off with just use your finger and %26quot;rub it %26quot; along the dogs teeth, gently to get it used to having something in its mouth. Do the front teeth first, the dog needs to keep its teeth together! Use your index finger as if it were a brush. Then use it to go over the sides of the back teeth. If you can, go over the insides too. When the dogs is ok with your finger (you can put a pea side of paste on your finger) start using a brush and do it with that. It won%26#039;t take more than 5 minutes a day! It doesn%26#039;t foam up and you don%26#039;t have to rise the dogs mouth out! Hence why you need dog paste and not human.... humans foams up too much. If your dogs not very tolerant you can buy someone to go on your finger and use it instead of a brush. I think its %26quot;disposable%26quot; but must work out far more costly in the long run than a brush and paste. Ask your vet or one of the practise nurse to show you if you are in doubt, but honestly its the simplest thing ever and the dog gets used to it. (Or at least mine does, I have been doing it since the day I got her when 13 weeks old with puppy teeth to get her used to it.) Good luck.

EG - from zooplus
Reply:We had our girl%26#039;s teeth cleaned about three weeks ago. She%26#039;s 14, came through it like a champ, is much happier, and is just fine.
Reply:Do it yourself. Dog toothpaste has special enzymes in it that work even if you cant get to those back teeth. They are flavoured: peanut butter, poultry, beef.
Reply:Take an old toothbrush and buy flavored dog toothpaste from the vet,

We have it and they love it because it is Chicken flavored!
Reply:I know, it%26#039;s a little scary, isn%26#039;t it? I have my dog%26#039;s teeth cleaned yearly (he%26#039;s 13 now), and I%26#039;m always a bit nervous about it. He%26#039;s never had any problems following the surgery, except for being a bit groggy for the rest of the day.

Once it%26#039;s done, and you bring her home, just try to keep her quiet and resting and follow the instructions your vet will provide. When she%26#039;s all recovered, you can keep her teeth cleaner and breath better between annual cleanings by using the dog toothpaste, but you%26#039;re absolutely right - it%26#039;s no substitute for a real dental cleaning.

Good luck, and don%26#039;t worry. Your baby will be fine, and you%26#039;ll be glad you had those teeth cleaned while you%26#039;re on that road trip!
Reply:I don%26#039;t like the idea of anesthesia either.

There are several things you can try first.

A vet on one of my Yahoo groups says that the product at works and works fast. She is amazed at what she has seen in her practice.

I am trying Fragaria. This is homeopathic and I can say that after months, my 10 yr old definitely has of lot less tarter on her teeth.

There%26#039;s another product called Plaque Off that I have heard works.

I would only resort to the dental procedure after trying all the about products.


Canine teeth cleaning really necessary?

Our vet consistently recommends that our beagle get her teeth cleaned. She gives several reasons for this, including the possibility that without doing so, our dog might get kidney diseases, heart problems, etc. The procedure costs about $300. What gives? I%26#039;ve had lots of dogs in the past and they all lived to ripe, old ages without having their teeth cleaned - just chew toys and the standard chewing treats. Is this really necessary or just %26#039;recommended%26#039;?

Canine teeth cleaning really necessary?
Personally, I think it%26#039;s just silly. I%26#039;ve had many animals that lived to ripe old ages as well! I think as long as you brush their teeth, and make sure they have good dental chew toys that are getting the buildup off you should be fine. My vet also said I should consider teeth cleaning, but only if my Sibe really needed it. She said we were doing great with just the brushing and bone chewing.

I guess if you can afford it and want to, then go ahead. I don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s necessary though.
Reply:Its nessacry. I clean my yorkies teeth every other year, this way she will live longer and has less of a change of getting gum desise.
Reply:I would try just brushing the dog%26#039;s teeth every night with a special dog toothpaste. I have a friend who does this, and her vet is very impressed!
Reply:If your dogs teeth are healthy and not causing any problems I wouldn%26#039;t think that it was necessary, but if their teeth aren%26#039;t kept clean they can have the same dental problems that humans have, including cavities,abcesses, and tooth loss. the older the dog gets the more important it is to make sure the teeth are cleaned. You can clean them yourself with a dog tooth brush and dog tooth paste. Never use Human Toothpaste for a dog or cat.

Try cleaning them yourself to save that high cost at the Vet.
Reply:For good health, and good breath you should get your dog’s teeth cleaned. Just combine it with another reason for her to be knocked out, say like being spayed.

Then with a clean base every night brush your dog’s teeth. Dogs can NOT use people tooth paste, you have to use special dog tooth paste. I brush my little one’s teeth every night since he was six weeks old. He has never needed a professional cleaning and the vet is very impressed with his teeth. Plus his breath is very good most of the time.
Reply:Dental cleanings are necessary when they have tarter build up on their teeth. Because the tarter can break off and cause kidney problems and your dog could die. I have a beagle and she has to get dentals even though she always chews on rawhides and only eats dry foods.
Reply:Yes, it is very important. Some breeds are more prone to tooth problems - and your beagle appears to be one of them.

You could look into giving raw bones to help clean her teeth, but a professional cleaning is still in order.

Don%26#039;t just start randomly chucking raw bones at your dog. Here%26#039;s a website to help:
Reply:hi, doggie dental is stupid,

give the dog a bone, as in a soup bone,

t-bone any bone but the leg of a chicken,

or any brittle type of bone,

the knuckle bone is the best type, that you

can get at the buthcher store.
Reply:i%26#039;m with you.... %26quot;doggies%26quot; need teeth be carted around town in those little purses...LOL

REAL DAWGS...nope. give em lots of crunchy treats.... I have had dogs all my life...never cleaned any teeth...unless a problem occured...then I would clean them and treat it.

Makes you wonder who%26#039;s hand is in who%26#039;s pocket......

Of course, if we were OPRAH with nothing better to do with our money...and servants to do our %26quot;meanial%26quot; chores.... then I%26#039;d do it... but real people, real dogs.... COME ON!
Reply:Look at it this way, Do you clean your teeth? Can we get disease from not brushing our teeth? Well then......Except you paying 300.00$ for your vet to brush them, is just them wanting to make a little money, on one part, but the other part is YES, it is important!! You can brush your dogs teeth by yourself!!!! Get a big, soft toothbrush, and canine paste(it%26#039;s flavored), you can get it from your vets, or any pet supply store. Brush, Brush, Brush your dogs teeth to a happier, CLEANER, healthier doggy!!! Good luck!- (just fallow directions on tube, or ask vet, but don%26#039;t pay for it!)
Reply:It is a good thing to have your pets teeth cleaned every few years. It prevents plaque buildup %26amp; keeps them healthy. It is proven that gum disease leads to heart problems, etc. It is true in humans too. That does sound a little costly for the procedure so you might check prices at another vet but remember that they have to knock the animal out to clean its teeth. If you don%26#039;t get it done, it will most likely lead to cavaties %26amp; problems later. If you%26#039;ll go back in the cats questions a couple of days you can find out what happens when you don%26#039;t get your pets teeth cleaned (teeth falling out, horrible breath, its not pretty). This is the 3rd questions I%26#039;ve answered about this recently.
Reply:I guess it depends on what your dog%26#039;s teeth currently look like? Does your vet complain that she has excess tartar build up at all? Some dogs just have bad teeth - and some dog food just causes lots of teeth problems.

My chihuahua (and chihuahuas are notorious for having teeth issues) is almost 3 years old and has RANK breath.. but everytime I ask whether teeth cleaning is necessary, my vet raves about how beautiful her teeth are (she%26#039;s an incessant chewer, almost entirely on holistic dry dog food, etc) and tells me that unless they take a turn for the worse or I insist, she doesn%26#039;t *need* it.

Maybe go to a different vet for a second opinion? Vets can be hit or miss regarding their diagnoses. I have a lot of animals (I may as well be a collector) and especially with Equine vets, some of them will almost always find *something* wrong in order to charge you for it.

Maybe you just need a different vet or at least one who won%26#039;t insist on a procedure unless it%26#039;s absolutely necessary?

If your dog has a healthy diet - plenty of chew toys to exercise her jaws and clean her teeth - and is overall healthy and active, a good tooth brushing by you (not even every night, I brush my dog%26#039;s teeth maybe once every other week and her teeth are perfectly fine) and she won%26#039;t need a professional cleaning for awhile.
Reply:Ok if there is no plaque build up then continue cleaning at home. If there is a moderate build up, try feeding raw bones of the right size for the pup and go to the vet if it isn%26#039;t clean after a couple of bones. If it is heavy build up or has been present for a long time then let the vet clean up front and then follow up with proper dental care and bones in the future.

Dogs of every sort need clean teeth. They live their entire lives through their mouths and the pain I have seen many dogs in is unacceptable. I have seen dogs stop eating because it hurts too much. I could care less how but the teeth must be maintained. It is not normal to lose teeth except to injury. It is not normal for there to be a foul odor from their mouth.

The dangers you listed above are real and will decrease the dogs lifespan and cause needless suffering. The real key is day to day cleaning because plaque begins to harden after 2 days on the teeth and that plaque is what causes the cavities that result in severe pain, tooth loss and smell. The vet is the last resort when the dog has been neglected in day to day care.

I do take my dog for annual cleaning because he is a working dog and I want to ensure that the care I am taking is sufficient. Because my dog is trained sedation is not needed. Because I clean every day it takes about 10 minutes during one of his semi annual check ups. Because of these things it costs about 40 dollars to have the vet do this.
Reply:ask the person who was on here a few weeks ago crying because the general anesthetic used to knock out dogs for teeth cleaning KILLED their dog. General anesthetic is just as dangerous for pets as it is for people.

Brush your dogs teeth regularly (NOT every night, that is over kill and can do more harm than good by irritating their gums) and keep an eye out for infections, cavities and abscesses. Being put under regularly just increases the odds of something going terribly wrong and for what? If the dog is crunching dry kibble and chewing its dental chew toys there shouldn%26#039;t be much plaque and what there is you can take care of with a tooth brush.
Reply:Treats do the trick the only real reason to clean their teeth professionaly is if their going to be shown off
Reply:It is not necessary to have a dog%26#039;s teeth cleaned, a good diet will keep the teeth clean. Milk Bones will also clean the teeth if plaque builds up from time to time.

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Teeth cleaning and plaque removal?

My golden retriever has some plaque and I want to clean his teeth for him. He will not tolerate me putting my fingers/toothbrush in there. Any suggestions on how to do it, or are there any dog bones that really truly clean dogs teeth?

Teeth cleaning and plaque removal?
Get a good quality rope toy...the ones that appear to be twisted string tied in a knot. Soak it in unsalted broth. Dry it in a very slow oven. she will try to chew all the falovor out of that, and it works as dental floss to keep her teeth clean, and her breath fresh.

If she grows tired, (couple of months)as the flavor is gone, just wash by hand, and re-soak

Reply:I know most vets will clean teeth of animals for around $40. If you have the extra cash I would let them handle it!
Reply:You can go to your vet, they%26#039;ll put your dog to sleep and clean his teeth and probably his ears too. I do this to my dogs. Another thing is to buy a doggie mouthwash that you mix with his water.
Reply:Our vet gave us some rinse to add to the dogs water that supposedly helps keep teeth clean. It%26#039;s called Breathalyser. It says it%26#039;s for fresh breath and no brushing.
Reply:Hills Science Diet food has an oral care type. I use that for my girl, she has really bad breath and it cleans her teeth. More expensive than the usual supermarket stuff, but really does the job. I buy it from the vet, but thats in Oz.
Reply:Take him to the vet and have them professionally cleaned. Then you can utilize some of the suggestions here to keep them cleaner.
Reply:Buy him/her Denta.......chewable bones which help dog to keep their teeth clean.........Try!
Reply:Some plaque is good for them and prevents tooth damage and chipping of enamel so let nature take it%26#039;s course.

Use the bones for bad breath, and dont worry about plaque.

This is a big lie to get people to buy plaque removers and go to the dentist twice a year when you only really need it once a year or two. Milking you for money honey.
Reply:try those beef flavored toothpaste, he might like it. if he is not used for the toothbrush since he was a puppy, it might be best to let the vet do it.

there are also bones, you can buy in the pet store for removing plaque. there are toys too.

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Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing) and wisdom teeth removal and braces?

my dentist recommended deep clean because i never had regular clean.

my orthodontics recommended braces to correct my deepbite

also he looked at my xray he told me to have 3 wisdom teeth removed before installing braces.

my question is when should i have my teeth cleaned(deep clean) 1.before wisdom teeth removal

2. after wisdom teeth removal.3 or after i had my braces

Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing) and wisdom teeth removal and braces?
enjoy the deep cleaning it sucks,

yes you should have the cleaning first, why you ask, your mouth will become healthy after that, so when you have the teeth pulled your mouth will heal faster,

have the deep cleaning before anything. your mouth will hate it at first but a week goes by and its all good
Reply:I would take his recommendation, but you would need to heal at least a month after the deep cleaning before removing the wisdom teeth unless they are hurting you now or significantly impacting your bite.

You should have your teeth cleaned before braces as they could take 1-2 years or far longer followed by a retainer. If you are facing periodontal disease, this deep cleaning can%26#039;t wait.

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Cat teeth cleaning/pulling?

My cat needs his teeth cleaned and possibly pulled (Last year the vet said to try to feed him chicken necks, but he wont eat them). Our vet wants $250 for having them cleaned, and then $500 if any need to be pulled. Another vet we%26#039;ve asked wants $385 regardless of if any teeth are pulled or not.

I was wondering (well, my mum, who%26#039;s paying, was) if there is a way of being able to estimate if he will probably need to have them pulled or just cleaned? One of his canines is really browny/yellowy, with brown striped and chipped at the bottom, and most of his top teeth (not incisors or bottom teeth) are yellowy, with pink/reddish/some brownish blotched gums.

Or is there another teeth option that we haven%26#039;t considered yet?

*He was a stray cat by the way. We are not horrible owners or anything.*

Cat teeth cleaning/pulling?
Wow, your cat%26#039;s teeth looks better then mine (minus that one front canine).

The vet really should have been able to tell you weather at least that one tooth would need to be pulled. Mean yeah my cat%26#039;s teeth looks like your cats (we can%26#039;t afford getting his teeth cleaned) but its not hurting him any and we have the dental food as well. and I try to brush them (you should try that too if you can).

but really I still think a vet should be able to tell you if a tooth needs to be pulled BEFORE hand. So you can look at how much money you will be spending. But that depends on the vet. Some care about the animals, some just want the money.

Good luck to your kitty.
Reply:Wow. It sounds like his teeth are in pretty bad shape, and this could either be because he%26#039;s a stray or just because of his genetic makeup. In my experience, when the teeth are chipped and brown, they usually need to be removed, and the gums should be pink...It sounds really painful.
Reply:Of course you%26#039;re not terrible owners. Forget the judgment call on that one.

Me thinks your vet is not giving you all the information you require. S/he is either not fully informed or is of the breed of vet who is in the profession for the $$ and not the hipocratic oath. I have a cat with similar problems. My vet knows I%26#039;m in no financial position to have the %26quot;necessary%26quot; work done with my boy but advised me to switch over to a dental diet cat food. That has saved me a great deal. Harley still needs the dental work to some extent but he%26#039;s okay for the time being.

Note: dental disease among cats is one of the leading causes of premature death. Poor dental care can lead to unforeseen infections that can affect the digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular. It%26#039;s no different than with humans. Do your research.
Reply:Thats an awful lot of money isn%26#039;t it? I think some vets out there are unscrupulous and in it for the cash to be charging this amount of money just to clean or pull teeth. I know they have to be put out for it and the gas costs but the amount stated is ridiculous! Of course you%26#039;re not bad owners - you took him in off the streets and gave him a good home! Older cats will lose their teeth over the years and i%26#039;ll give you a piece of advice. If he isn%26#039;t in dire agony with his teeth, let them fall out on their own, it happens in the wild and they cope just fine with it. From your picture it seems as if he has a gum infection ( the red bits ) so i%26#039;d just ask your vet for some antibiotics to clear that up and some pain killers as it probably hurts a bit ( infection does especially in the mouth ) then let them come out on their own. My old cat lost her teeth over the years and was virtually gummy when she died but she never showed us any signs that her mouth was troubling her and she got on just fine with her dinner and her tit bits although she was on wet cat food towards the end of her life and she lived until she was 23! If you%26#039;re concerned that she really needs them pulling then i%26#039;d look around for a cheaper vet! Good luck.
Reply:You did a good thing rescuing your kitty. Any cat can have dental problems. I have a 4 year old sphynx with terrible teeth/gums. He has already had 6 teeth pulled, which cost $180. That was in May and he already has had another round of antibiotics and 2 steroid shots for inflammation. He will probably need to have more removed. I have done some research and some cats will actually eat better and feel better without the teeth. Their gums are hard and they can still eat whatever food they want. I know my cat%26#039;s teeth cause him pain because he has a bad attitude when his gums start getting red. He also gets really bad breath when they get bad.

The vet should be able to tell you approximately how many teeth may need to go. The difference should NOT be so great. My vet estimated $250-300 for a total extraction. You might want to check with some other vets in your area. Make sure they have lots of experience with cats teeth. You want only the best for your furry friend.

For a quick fix, the steroid shots have done wonders for Max. They last 1-2 months. I tried brushing his teeth, but he wouldn%26#039;t have it!

Good luck with your kitty and his teeth. I hope he feels better soon!

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What kind of question should i ask a vet who will be doing a teeth cleaning on my cat?

i am worried about little Bo being sedated for his teeth cleaning

What kind of question should i ask a vet who will be doing a teeth cleaning on my cat?
it will be ok, just ask the vet about what kind of food to feed him that is good on the teeth and dont be afraid to ask all sorts of questions i should know iam a vet tech
Reply:one of the most important questions on earth was asked here, i am stil lnot sure if scientists have confirmed anything yet. there most be a way to follow !!!!! i think it is .. WHAT FOOD SHOULD I FEED MY CAT !? Report It

Reply:I would ask if they would have to sedate the dcat and what the risk would be of him coming out ok.
Reply:Just tell him to use Crest white strips. Little Bo will have shiney and healthy teeth to impress his friends.
Reply:Hi there again...ask if your vet uses isoflurane as the anaesthesia which recovery time is faster. A blood panel and evaluation will be done to determine if your cat can safely withstand being put under. Additionally, ask if there are any particular reasons as to why your cat may have develop the calculus, feline disorders, etc.

After your cat comes home here%26#039;s an instructional video on how to brush your cat%26#039;s teeth by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for Feline Health:
Reply:I don%26#039;t know that I would take my cat. My aunt%26#039;s cat died from that from an infection and had another animal die shortly after their cleaning. It releases bacteria that wouldn%26#039;t necessarily be present in their bloodstream and can cause your animal to go septic. I have 2 cats and I won%26#039;t take mine in.
Reply:Ask him how many times he has done this procedure. He won%26#039;t be offended; you%26#039;re just concerned about your cat and he knows that. Tell him you have concerns about your kitty being put under. I had my cats teeth done and neither one had any problems. But my vet did say that the older a cat is, the riskier it is for a cat to be put under. Then have him show you how to brush your cat%26#039;s teeth so you can help prevent any future dental problems.
Reply:I think teeth cleaning usually requires sedation just like surgery. Before surgery, my vet gave me the option to do blood tests to check the health of my cat and make sure he/she is healthy enough to be sedated. You should definitely voice your concerns to your vet and if your vet is a good doctor he/she will take the proper precautions and tests to make sure your kitty is healthy enough to be sedated. With any medical treatment, though, there is always some risk, but it%26#039;s not high. I hope Bo%26#039;s teeth come out squeeky clean. So far, my felines haven%26#039;t had to go through that yet.

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How can I help prepare my Shin tzu for his first teeth cleaning.?

My shih tzu is going in next week for his first ever teeth cleaning. He is 5 years old.

The vet clinic did pre-screening bloodwork and everything was normal. They will also do a physical the day of the procedure.

It is my understanding that they use general anesthesia. Is there anything I should do to help prepare him for this?

How can I help prepare my Shin tzu for his first teeth cleaning.?
Ask your vet if your dog should %26quot;fast%26quot; or not before going under, as well as anything else you can do to make things easier before hand. You may want to bring an old pillow case from you bed that smells like you and home for your dog to snuggle with while he is in a crate at the vets. It may help him feel less scared to have your sent with him when he is alone. You can also ask your vet about Rescue Remedy from Bach%26#039;s Flower Remedies, you can buy it at most health food stores. I have used it to calm down cats and dogs, sometimes with great success, but ask your vet first. You can give it to him before you take him in, when he is back home or both.

Make sure you get all the info about what to watch out for when he comes home and how he will react to the sedation, so you won%26#039;t be alarmed by normal inactivity but also know when to call if your dog seems to be taking too long to recover. Most vets will give you an after care sheet when you get dental work done with all the info you need. Make sure you have soft food for him to eat if his teeth are tender, and your vet may recommend one for him.

Any time your pet goes under it can be scary for their owners, but by getting dental work done you will add healthy years to your dogs life! Good for you! Just be calm around your dog, and give him no reason to see you worried.

Good luck and Happy Shiny Teeth for your dog :)
Reply:NO FOOD OR WATER AT ALL for AT LEAST 12 hours prior to surgery. Take it away at bedtime the night before, she%26#039;ll be fine.
Reply:He will be fine I had my black Labradors teeth done once a year as long as you are there when he is %26quot;put under%26quot; he will be fine all they do is scale his teeth and when he wakes up he is none the wiser. Honestly nothing to worry about.
Reply:Good for you on having your dog%26#039;s teeth cleaned on a regular basis. We waited until our dog had an infection when she was about 12. The vet pulled a few teeth and cleaned up her tarter and plaque. She did very well under general anesthesia and was up and about in about an hour. The doctor used a special anesthesia, because its effects are completely over once the gas is turned off. You might check with your vet about this type of anesthesia, because it doesn%26#039;t remain in a dog%26#039;s system for a prolonged period of time. The best pre-cleaning preparation is to follow your vet%26#039;s instructions about eating/drinking. Otherwise, follow your normal routine. Good luck. Your dog should feel and look much better once her teeth are clean and bright.
Reply:you can put hot sauce in his mouth and let him eat peanut butter then laugh and stare at him so he gets mad then give him a 10lbs chocolate bar

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